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Manage Your Thoughts and Boost Your Business

3 Keys for Leveraging the Law of Attraction to Achieve Greater Success in 2017

Join us for a must-have event that will powerfully set the tone for your New Year when Jennifer Kern Collins will help you craft your thinking to shape your life experience and exceed your business goals in 2017!

With all the negativity that is permeating our world today, it's becoming more and more imperative to take responsibility for the energy you put out there—beginning with your thoughts. Regarding both your business success and overall life enjoyment, what you focus on not only influences your actions, but also attracts your outcomes. If you're like most people, you may not be aware of exactly how your thinking relates to your results, even though it is either driving your prosperity, fueling your failures, or keeping you feeling stuck in the challenges of the world around you. To fully understand "the how", we have to include the Law of Attraction in the conversation. 

Key Event Takeaways:

  • Discover a tool for evaluating the energy of your thoughts 
  • Learn how to know whether your thoughts are empowering or diminishing your target outcomes
  • Explore the Law of Attraction and associated concepts, and consider how they relate to your habitual thinking about your business and beyond
  • Take home skills you can immediately apply to manage your thoughts effectively to reach your goals
  • Receive 3 keys for using the Law of Attraction to take your business to the next level with greater ease and joy

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