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Member Highlight - Lisa Bobyak

07/24/2015 8:01 PM | Anonymous member

I am the founder of Living Fully Balanced, where I help women, of all ages, create fulfillment and balance during times of transition in their lives.  Adolescence, graduating from high school and entering college, beginning a marriage, ending a marriage, navigating life as an empty nester, designing a life in retirement... all of these special times in life, can come with their own set pressures and stresses. My role, as a lifestyle and Co-Active coach, is to guide and uphold my clients as they create healthy new habits and thought patterns that will move them forward and support their goals.

I've been a teacher and a facilitator for years. And through these experiences, I heard a strong need for clarity and assurance from people who were trying to evoke major changes in their lives. After leading weight loss meetings for ten years, I realized that people didn't actually need more information. Our society is inundated with so much information about how to live healthfully, that I think we get distracted.

My personal story of evocative change comes from my lifelong struggle to maintain a healthy weight. When I was trying to lose weight, I returned to Weight Watchers (for the fifth time) feeling profoundly disappointed in myself. I felt like something was wrong with me, because I actually knew what to do to lose weight, but I wasn't successful. I read through the materials and saw information that I already understood. But I still wasn't losing and keeping the weight off. As I began to open my mind (and heart), I slowly learned that it wasn't actually about HOW to lose weight. It became more about the WHY. And for me, this was the missing piece. The real transformation happened once I figured out what I valued so very much, that I would do anything to have it. And this is what I help my clients with. I have tools and techniques that help them unearth true fulfillment, at any stage of life.

It's been crucial for me to stay true to my core values while building my business and to keep my focus on no more than three goals at a time. This has been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur.

I am an active member of the Wayzata and the Chisago Lakes Chamber of Commerce. I also am partnered with two health and wellness centers.  I have a LinkedIn and Facebook presence and will be establishing an Instagram account soon. I speak to organizations on topics like The 7 Keys to Reclaim Your Motivation, The 8 Keys to Living Fully Balanced, Setting Yourself Up for Success, Renewal: How to experience it and Why it's important, Self-Care, Personal and Professional Fulfillment. All of these things help advertise the services I provide.

In my coaching business I often see my clients in the space of feeling stuck. Many people seek me out because they feel like they've tried everything and some may actually believe things can't be any different for them. It's my job to help explore new perspectives and options. Coaching is successful when the client is highly motivated and ready for change. If I don't see those traits in a potential client, I'll offer other avenues for them to try.

When I first started my business a little over two years ago, I was overwhelmed with all the components of running a business. My suggestion for a new business owner would be to get advice of those already in the business, realize that you can't do it all well, and hire people who can. Even though I am a solopreneur, I know I am a stronger business owner because of the competent people on "my team".

To help keep me sane and balanced, I enjoy doing yoga in my home, taking bike rides, walk-jogging around my neighborhood, drinking good red wine and nibbling on decadent dark chocolate.

Author: Lisa Bobyak

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