The WeMN Board board members are volunteers and contribute to the organization in their area of expertise. Members are nominated to serve by other board members or members of the organization. board members are voted in by the current Board of Directors.

Jody Hahn, WeMN President

Jody is a Partner and CEO of CampaignBuddy, an online ad campaign management software tool. Prior to CampaignBuddy, she worked in the healthcare industry for 20 years with over 10 years of both executive level leadership and board membership roles.

As a leader and entrepreneur, Jody understands the drive, passion, and commitment it takes to run a successful business. She believes learning is a top priority whether through formal education, professional coaching, networking, or experiences. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and change.

To be a good leader, life must be in balance. So, beyond work, Jody enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, boating, walking her dogs, golfing, listening to audiobooks, watching movies, and being with friends.

Barb Monson, WeMN Vice President

Barb Monson is an author, speaker, and owner of a business called Move Your Mountain.  As a former CFO and working mom, she knows all too well the overwhelming balancing act and the tendency for women to lose themselves in their roles.


In business, Barb was known for solving problems, bringing order to chaos, and most importantly, bringing out potential.  She now uses that passion to guide women who don’t like the life they’ve created but they are stuck thinking, “Now what?”  Her program allows women to not only design a life where they WANT to get out of bed in the morning, but get them through the hardest part:  implementation.


Outside of work, Barb loves the simple pleasures of cooking, hanging with friends, board games with her hubby, and nurturing a small addiction to Skinny Pop popcorn.


Darcy Schatz had to resign due to family requirements. We are now seeking a new person for this role.

  • Creates BOD agenda/Previous minutes
  • Creates minutes during BOD meeting and distributes
  • Ensures by laws/roster contact/responsibilities of BOD
  • Notifies BOD of upcoming meetings
  • Leads & Manages BOD meetings/Quarterlies/Annual meetings
  • Attends events
  • Organizes documents
  • Supports Peer Circle planning/execution
  • Supports WeMN goals and objectives
  • Team player

Contact information for more information:

(651) 206-9406

McKayla Hatfield, Event Program Director

McKayla has always loved business and entrepreneurship. Even in high school owning her own business was an exciting dream. In 2011 McKayla graduated from North Central University with a degree in ASL/English Interpreting and in 2014 she graduated from the University of Northwestern – St.Paul with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. McKayla has worked for small businesses helping them grow and has a corporate career by day. 

In 2018 McKayla co-founded Shaded Spruce Events, an event planning and design company with a focus on weddings. McKayla fell in love with the wedding industry and specifically the wonderful small business owners she has been able to work alongside. She is continually inspired by how deep community over competition runs in the Minnesota wedding industry. 

 In addition to growing her small business, McKayla sits on the city council in Chaska. She also loves to find time to travel, spend time with friends and family, and enjoys the sunny Minnesota summers on the lake. 

 McKayla’s first introduction to WeMN was a WeMN Instagram post shared by another planner that said “Surround yourself with women who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities.” A thought that truly resonates and describes McKayla’s passion for women entrepreneurs. 

 McKayla is ecstatic about jumping into her role as the Event Program Director.

Katie Jamieson, Membership Director

Katie Jamieson, CAE, is CEO of Engage! Community Building for Nonprofits, LLC, which serves nonprofits, associations, and small businesses for strategically-driven projects, conference & event leadership, and organizational transitions. Building community begins with engagement, and with a background in leading diverse membership, event, education, and volunteer programs for professional associations and nonprofits, Katie is excited to serve in the WeMN membership director role.

Katie’s professional experience includes serving as Director of Minnesota MATHCOUNTS, a middle school math competition program, leading volunteer engagement, event & conferences, live and hybrid education programs, and strategic leadership with the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers, and collaborating with staff and volunteers to build a community advisory board as Special Projects Manager with the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. 

For as far back as her memory serves, Katie has spent her time planning and coordinating events, programs, and projects that bring people together. Professionally, she has spent many years focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Katie is passionate about STEM outreach programs and the need for a diverse STEM ecosystem.  During the pandemic, she brought together a group of professionals, corporations, educational leaders, nonprofits, and consultants to develop STEM Meets the Challenge of the Pandemic, a collaborative initiative to virtually support STEM educators and students during the highly disrupted 2020-2021 school year, which included a series of video interviews with individual STEM professionals, virtual mentoring, and an online professional summit, Beyond the pandemic: a virtual summit on innovation in STEM.

Katie enjoys cooking, spending time with her family at the cabin, and all things travel. She could chat for hours about how to strategically build affordable travel into family life, the value of traveling with kids, and how to make the most of a Disney vacation.

Contact information:

Leslie Vaillancourt, Business Development Director

Leslie is the founder and CEO of CheqrPay, an online fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations. With a background in technology and finance and a passion for working with small nonprofits, Leslie saw a gap in the market for a modern, affordable, easy-to-use fundraising tool. In 2019, she launched CheqrPay to fill the need. On her journey, Leslie has been fortunate to benefit from various programs available to women entrepreneurs here in Minnesota. She is excited to share her knowledge and work with the WeMN Board to explore partnerships, create opportunities and expand access to resources for women across our state. 

Leslie has a BA in International Relations from the University of Minnesota and an MA in International Relations from Boston University. She worked as a financial analyst at Electronic Data Systems and a consultant for Gartner Inc. before taking time to stay home with her three children. As an entrepreneur, she is a proud graduate of the Lunar Startups Accelerator Program (Cohort #3) and continues working to build her business. 

When not working, Leslie enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking with her husband and dogs, reading, vegetarian cooking and yoga. 

Gabby Matzdorff, Chief Financial Officer

Hi, I’m Gabby. During my career as a business leader and CFO, I’ve always loved the challenge of business and I have built a reputation for driving and achieving results. Now, after over 30 years in financial leadership roles for companies of all sizes, from startups to global businesses, I am excited to have my own business! In 2019, I became an EOS Implementor and started Traction with Gabby, focused entirely on helping entrepreneurial leaders to live their best life and get more of what they want from their business.

My path to becoming a business owner began in 2009 when I became CFO a small consulting firm with big growth and profitability goals. From the outset I was thrilled with the goals but it was evident the pathway to achievement was not clear. I soon “discovered” and led the implementation of EOS, which helped us to simplify our vision, create alignment, and drive results. Ultimately, we grew the business from 10 to 400 employees, achieved our growth and profitability goals, and created a successful sale for our owners, employees and business. For me, this was a turning point and my next step was obvious. I love the challenge of business and believe it should be fun. Today I get to help others clarify and drive results and experience the satisfaction of running a great business.

I am grateful to be part of WeMN and I am passionate about supporting other women entrepreneurs. I believe in help first and in the strength of community to support each other on our journey to build a great business and live a great life.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Quinn Driscoll, CPA/ABV

WeMN Chief Financial Officer “in waiting”

Quinn Driscoll, CPA/ABV, is a business coach and money mentor. As the founder of Value Gal, she brings Wall Street knowledge to Main Street business owners through coaching programs that teach financial skills and strategy. Prior to Value Gal, Quinn spent more than a decade as a sought-after financial expert witness who worked in the high stakes world of litigation consulting. She is a frequent speaker and guest expert on financial topics including building a valuable business, money mindset, and goal setting for entrepreneurs. 

Quinn is thrilled to serve as WeMN’s Finance Director, supporting WeMN’s mission to help women entrepreneurs connect, share, develop and grow. Elsewhere, she serves on TeamWomen’s Professional Development Committee, co-chairs her children’s PTO Spirit Wear sale, and volunteers at her church in various roles.

Quinn is an avid reader, napper and storage bin enthusiast. The best purchase she ever made was a Keurig mini for her nightstand. Quinn lives in Eden Prairie with her husband and two children. 



Social Media

Quinn Driscoll, CPA/ABV, is a business coach and money mentor. As the founder of Value Gal, she brings Wall Street knowledge to Main Street business owners through coaching programs that teach financial skills and strategy. Quinn is thrilled to serve as WeMN’s Finance Director, supporting WeMN’s mission to help women entrepreneurs connect, share, develop and grow. 

Mary Cait McManamon, Social Media Director

Mary Cait is a freelance Social Media Manager. After graduating in May of 2020 from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, she moved back home to Minnesota to start her freelance business. She is passionate about supporting female business owners by taking social media off their plates so they can focus on other things like growing their businesses.

Mary Cait has had an incredible group of women who have, and continue, to support her through her entrepreneurial journey. She is excited to foster similar community support through the Social Media Director position with WeMN so other women can feel confident and supported when starting and growing businesses.

Outside of entrepreneurship, Mary Cait is a fitness and yoga instructor and enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and traveling.

Rebecca Rausch, Marketing Director

Rebecca fell in love with design at a young age, pushing through high school and college to land her first creative director position at age 23. After 15+ years trying out different segments of the design world, she struck out on her own and began Neon Lizard Creative in 1998. Her current business model is unique, in that her employees are across the globe, interacting daily via Zoom and CRM software. Neon Lizard is known for being a reliable, quality support team for solo entrepreneurs and marketers who want that “full staff which can do anything” without the cost of traditional employees.

“The Broken Goat” is the name of the hobby farm on which Rebecca, her husband and four children reside with their Noah’s ark of animals. She uses her free time to enjoy a little chicken therapy or love on the dogs, goats and horses. In the summer, you can usually find her listening via Audible to marketing and design influencers as she mows her 5 acres. In fact, this obsession with listening (and mowing) has led to “The HEART Principle” marketing method which NLC uses for all of their clients. Inspiration comes from the weirdest places!

Rebecca loves to celebrate women and all that is so often unseen and underappreciated. She loves to lift, support and teach others what she has learned over the years about marketing, design and life as an entrepreneur.

She is thrilled for this opportunity to serve