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MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  2nd Tuesday of the month is Coffee & Conversations, 4th Thursday of the month is the featured speaker event! 

Coffee and Conversations (Free for all attendees)

April 13, 2021


Coffee and Conversations is a monthly virtual networking event for members and non-members of Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota.

We’re continuing our popular networking event online! This is a great opportunity to learn and connect with the women entrepreneurs in Minnesota! ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Feature Event: Nationally acclaimed, Ashley Owens

March 25, 2021

1-28-21 Tips & Tricks to Jumpstart 2021
About this Event

Join WeMN.org as we welcome the nationally celebrated Ashley Owens, aka The Networking Concierge, who shares all the juicy secrets that make networking actually fun and profitable!

Networking is such a personal activity, it is not a one size fits all practice. Most people get bogged down in the details and miss out on the foundation of how to build and retain an effective network.

At the end of the day, no one cares WHAT you do, but do you know them, like them, and trust them?

In addition, learn how to save time and make more money by recognizing the best strategic partners and effective follow-up practices.​ Learn more @ashleyassists.com

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