Member Spotlight | Teresa Meschini

Business name: Famiglia Meschini and Vamos Vinos wines  (we have two wine labels)

Your title/role: President/ chief officer of chaos 


How long have you been in business? 11 years

What do you do? We produce and import wine from Argentina.  My husband who is Argentine works with his family in the production of the wine in Mendoza, Argentina.  I run the business side, market the wines to distributors in different states, promote the wines thru wine dinners and events. I am also starting to organize travel groups to Argentina to do vineyard tour and experience the culture, food and amazing wine in Mendoza, Argentina.  

Who do you serve? Anyone who enjoys wine! We sell our wine thru a local distributor to local restaurants and liquor stores. Famiglia Meschini wine is a more established brand that has been around for 11 years and Vamos Vino (Malbec in a can) is new to the market and we are excited about reaching out to a different market of younger wine drinkers. 

What’s one tip or piece of wisdom you’d share to new women entrepreneurs? I found being an entrepreneur very lonely and I was floundering by myself. I joined WEMN for the company of other women and have found it invaluable in so many ways. Having a mentor, Anita Nelson, was life changing for me. She helped us develop a new label Vamos Vino with the naming and label design. Also, I feel like checking in with other women entrepreneurs keeps me accountable. Its kind of like having a workout partner to get you to the gym. Other women business owners inspire me to be more fearless and resilient in my work. Besides, I’m social and love meeting other women and am always looking for opportunities to partner and bring other businesses up.  

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